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The Ultimate Christmas Checklist

A checklist of 44 to-dos for online retailers before Christmas.

How to React to Negative Reviews

It's almost impossible to get 5-star ratings all the time. The key is how you react to the negative ones. Do it right and your customer service team looks fantastic.

The Trusted Shops Trustmark: The Quality Criteria

Ever wonder how to get the Trusted Shops trustmark on your online shop? Check out our guide and learn about our auditing process so you can display the trustmark, too!

Reviews as User-Generated Content to Boost SEO

Google loves seeing fresh content on websites. Reviews as a form of user-generated content brings that to your online shop, as well as social proof for other shoppers!

Building Trust for Successful B2B Relationships

B2B sales isn't what it was just a few years ago. Read about how to build trust in order to create successful B2B relationships.

9 Ways to Win Customer Trust

We've put together a checklist with 9 tips on winning over customer trust!

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Advertising on Facebook is great, but if your shop has a large selection of products, you should definitely consider using Facebook Dynamic Ads!

Soletrader Case Study

Read about how Soletrader used the Trustbadge, including the trustmark and customer reviews to increase conversion rates by 30%.

The Perfect Product Video

It's no secret that video is taking over the internet. Does your online shop have product videos to give your shoppers an in-depth look at what you have to offer?

The Perfect Product Page

What elements make up the perfect product page? Check out our whitepaper, which includes a detailed diagram that lays it all out for you.

How to Use YouTube for Your Online Shop

From self-made videos to advertisements, get an overview of how businesses can use YouTube to grow.

GDPR Checklist

The deadline has passed, but are you GDPR compliant? Check out our in-depth GDPR checklist!

5 Growth Hacks for Online Shops

Check out a few easy-to-implement growth hacks for your online shop!

Trusted Shops Local Reviews

Increase the online visibility of your local branches. Get an overview of Trusted Shops local reviews.

The Google My Business Guide

Get registered with Google My Business to make sure that your shop's listing in the search results is up to date and informative.

FAQs for the GDPR

The GDPR deadline is coming. Is your business prepared? In this whitepaper, we've tackled some of the most frequently asked questions for the new GDPR regulations.

Use Your Marketplace Shop to Boost Sales for Your Website

Selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay can bring plenty of extra income. Learn how marketplaces can actually help boost sales on your website.

The Ultimate Facebook Guide

Facebook can be a great way to win over new customers. Learn how to use Facebook to market your business.

Product Page SEO Checklist

We've provided a checklist to help you optimise your product pages so they show up higher in search results.

Google Shopping Part 2: Optimisation

Make the most out of Google Shopping and learn how to optimise your ads to boost your sales.

Building Loyalty through Customer Engagement

Learn how to build loyalty with your customers by staying engaged with them online and offline.

Lucardi Case Study

Diamonds may be a girl's best friends, but shop owners love high conversion rates. Read about the effects that Trusted Shops solutions had on Lucardi's online shop.

Google Shopping Part 1: Getting Started

Learn how to get your products on the Google Shopping platform.

Localise Your Website for International Markets

If you want to sell abroad, here is a guideline for localising your website.

The Ultimate Instagram Ads Guide for Online Shops

Instagram is a great tool for most businesses. We've created the ultimate guide for making the most out of business's Instagram account.

Be a Star at Search Engine Marketing

Learn how Trusted Shops solutions can help you improving your SEM.

Abmahnung: The German Legal Warning You Want to Avoid

Doing business in Germany? You should be aware of "Abmahnungen" and what to do if you get one!

Start Showing Star Ratings in Your Google Ads

Show off your great star-ratings in your Google ads. You've earned those stars. Now let them shine!

How to Get Star Ratings on Organic Google Searches

Star-ratings in organic search results can be an eye-catcher. Learn how to get your ratings up and boost traffic to your site.

5 Ways to Generate More Product Reviews

Showing off reviews is great, but how do you collect reviews? Here are 5 tips for motivating your customers to write a review for your shop.

Trustmarks: 7 Questions that You Should Ask Yourself

Do you know what a trustmark is? Learn what questions to ask to differentiate the trustmarks available for your online shop.

E-mail Marketing Terms

Do you know what A/B tests are? Churn rate? Learn what the most important terms in e-mail marketing mean with our whitepaper.

Business after Brexit

What does Brexit mean for your business? Keep calm and carry on... reading.

Product Reviews: Making the Most Out of User-generated Content

Learn about Trusted Shops product reviews and how they can help your business.

CRM Terms

Learn about the most important terms in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

How Product Descriptions Can Lead to More Sales

Here are 9 tips for improving sales by working on your product descriptions.

Google Ads Extensions Poster

Learn about the different manual and automatic ad extensions that you can use in Google Ads to increase your ads' clickrates.

How to Optimise Your Shop's Internal Links

It's better for your customers and it's better for your SEO. Get some great tips on improving internal links on your website.

E-commerce Technical Terms

Learn about 12 of the most important technical terms in the world of E-commerce and website creation.

8 Content Forms to Increase Your Sales

Content marketing has become standard for any online business. Here are 8 different forms of content that can help you increase sales.

Optimising Logistics for E-commerce Businesses

Learn how to improve logisitics, inventory, and delivery systems to stay as efficient as possible.

What You Should Know About Trusted Shops Reviews

We've created an infographic to show you some of the most interesting insights we've discovered about our reviews.

About You Case study

Learn about how About You benefited from the Trusted Shops trust solutions. A/B tests show how measurable these effects really are.

ROPO or Showrooming: Target Customers Correctly

When do customers research online and purchase offline... and why is it sometimes the other way around?

Social Media Terms

Starting out with social media? Here's a beginner's guide to the most important terms in the world of social media.

The Most Annoying Things in Mobile Online Shops

Some "Dos and Don'ts" to keep in mind for your website and how it performs on mobile devices.

Mobile Boost - How to benefit from the Google Mobile Update

Learn about what Google checks for when determining your ranking in mobile search results.

SEM Terms

Learn what terms are important in the world of search engine marketing.

Improve Your Checkout for Higher Conversion Rates

Boost conversion rates with these 7 great tips for improving the checkout process of your online shop.

Why Are My Google Ads Stars Not Being Displayed

Trying to display your star-ratings in Google Ads, but something is wrong? Check out our poster to figure out what the problem is.

Test Your Responsive Design

Shopping is done "on the go" more and more every year. Get the most out of your mobile design.

How to Improve Sales by Building Trust

What are the best ways to convey your site's trustworthiness. Read our whitepaper to find out what you can do for your website.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Online Shops

Avoid these common mistakes for your online shop.

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